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Frequently asked questions.

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Steps to register and entry into Track Meet:

TEAM /CLUB Registration
  • Go to ""
  • Select "Click Here To Register"  - if already registered, go to step 5
  • Create account (email address and password)
  • Fill out account information (school or club, phone, etc.)
  • When completed go to “Next Step: Select Your Team”
  • Select your team from list or click "Add It" (located at bottom of page)

ROSTER Registration
  • Create roster (girls and boys) - fill out as much information as possible
  • When completed go to "next step"

MEET Registration
  • Select track meet(s)
  • Select event and use drop-down box to select athlete to compete in event
  • Submit marks for athlete and select "save"
  • When completed with event select "Done with this event"
  • Continue this process until all athletes for your team have been entered

PRINT Meet Information
  • Select "Print this meet" to print your entries or save entries to your computer
  • When completed with entries select "Done with this meet"

To Review Entries:
  • Go to
  • Login
  • Click  "Meets"
  • Select the desired meet
  • Select "Print this meet" (to save or print)
  • When completed with entries select "Done with this meet